Understanding SEO

bigstock-Seo-Optimize-Keywords-Links-Si-32859839So what does SEO stand for and what does it do for your  business? Search Engine Optimization is the official title and you can see why it is commonly abbreviated.

If you are wondering about SEO then you either have a new website or are considering setting one up. SEO comes in to play once your site is ‘live’ on the web. After all you now have to get visitors to actually see your site. In SEO terms attracting visitors is known as generating traffic and this can be achieved by using search engine optimization tactics.

Keywords and Searches bigstock-Happy-4374133

The best way to understand what search engine optimization does for you is to think about how you perform your own searches online. You use Google or another search engine and type in your search words [keywords] and then look at your results [search engine rankings/results].

You probably almost always click on a couple of those top choices on the first page and hardly ever go into page two, correct? This is harnessing the power of search engine optimization.

As a business owner your goal is to get your website to display on that first page, ideally in one of the top positions. Using SEO techniques is how this can be achieved and of course your aim is to have as many people as possible visiting your site on a daily basis. The more ‘eyes’ you have on your site increases the chances of making more sales or attracting more customers to come and visit your physical location.

As you noticed above I used the words keywords and search engine rankings and these are very important. Plus they are key SEO terms which is why I bolded them for you.

Your next step is to write content for your website using some of these keywords in order to get ranked for them. This takes time and effort and as a business owner you may not have the time or energy to put into this task.

One simple way you can improve your page ranking for your website is to target your local area. For example if you are based in Sarasota then you want to include this after your business name. Then when people are searching in this area for a related business your website will come up.

In order to encourage the internet spiders or bots to list your page higher it helps to add new content to your website. Which is one reason why adding a blog to your site is a good idea. Each time you post new content your site will get crawled and as new material is found the spiders reward you. Your page ranking will increase along with your position in the search engine results.

New material can be in a variety of forms included articles, photos and videos and it is important to add these on a regular basis. With each new piece of content you are able to tag them with your keywords to help increase your visibility.

Sounds simple enough, and it can be but it can also be extremely time consuming. If you own a large business and have enough employees you can delegate these tasks to one person. If, on the other hand, your business is small you may prefer to outsource all your search engine optimization requirements.

Hopefully this crash course helps you make the most of your SEO efforts.

Please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is extremely important.


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