Dec. 31st, 2013

Well… It wouldn’t be right to not entertain you on this final day of 2013. So here you go Sole‘s Soap Box… Powered by BOSSNews Atlanta.

Women: Just as ego driven

textingAllow me to vent for a moment. So, I was at a party the other night and a young lady proceeded to show me a series of text messages she received from an interested guy. She made it a point to elevate her voice as she paraded her phone around the room. “Look how thirsty he is” she bellowed. Clearly, he was extremely interested in her, but she continued to respond to his courting gestures with disinterested “one-liners” like fine, ok, cool, been busy, etc.

My point is. . . . .WHY ARE YOU GIVING THESE GUYS YOUR NUMBER IN THE FIRST PLACE??? Oh. . . . please dont give me the “it’s easier to get a guy to leave you alone if you give him your number” excuse. That’s stupid. Extremely stupid, yet most women tend to adhere to this mindless frame of thinking. If you’re not interested in someone, respond with “I’m not interested”. Who the hell cares what he says or thinks after that? He’s not going to beat you senseless for rejecting him.

My only conclusion is that women are just as ego driven as men, if not more. They need it stroked on a constant basis so they can compete with their female counterparts. My advice: If you’re not interested in someone, don’t lead them on. Don’t give them your number, don’t tell them to call, just be honest from the gate. You only look desperate to people like myself who are far too familiar with the game you’re playing. My two cents. . . take it or leave it.


Dec. 24th, 2013

So I have decided to switch somethings up on this Christmas Eve… (Gotta Keep You On Your Toes) A fellow creative mind suggested that I let him flex his writing muscles. Well let’s see how this goes. Do you agree or disagree?

Introducing… Sole’s Soap Box!

Group-of-Men“Can’t find a good man?”

Allow me to quote my least favorite Justine Timberlake song, “Cry me a River”. Let’s shed some light on this proverbial topic. I can’t begin to tell you how many times my life has been interrupted by my female friends who insist that I hear about how “All guys are a******.” This conversation usually follows one of their short lived romantic (Sexual) experiences with an attractive, self-centered, ego driven, resistant guy who’s mere presence makes them. . . . . . um. . . . .. . . tingle with anticipation.

Newsflash! Improve your selection process ladies. Nobody is telling you to settle, but I’m sure you’ve passed up on the good guy a few times because his relentless pursuit and devotion to you was deemed “boring”. He appeases you, wine and dines you, listens to your every word, but to no avail this leaves him unchallenging and closer to the “friend zone” Yeah, you wanted the edgy guy who treats you like s***. You must because you always end up with him (and please spare me the bait and switch excuse, you knew what he was about when you met him). So how’d that work out for you? How about this: Try searching for something about the “Nice” guy that excites you. Make this your conquest to alleviate your “boredom” and please spare us the rants about your impossible quest for a “decent” guy. DO BETTER AND YOU’LL GET BETTER. Happy Holidays.

camWritten By Sole Profit: Music Producer/CEO of Wigglefunk Records

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