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Maintaining Momentum

As you move further into 2014, remember those New Year’s “Life Changes” (since Resolution is so passé) you made in January? I know that underneath the stacks of work, endless to-do lists and the obligation manifesto that is your life, you remember that now distance promise of 2014. Some of us made a vision board, a declaration or a vow in our favorite OPI color (Pink Friday is my favorite) that we would do “it” this year and do it BIG!!!

As a life coach, I hear it often and experience it myself: the oh so familiar, “Life Happened” scenario. However, be of good cheer I want to share five things that will help you re-focus and re-charge you to  move progressively toward your goals. The most important word to remember as you forge ahead is: Momentum. Momentum is the strength or force gained by motion and helps maintain vibrancy to complete a goal. It is the fuel you need to succeed.  Since accomplishing goals is a process, utilize the following steps to make it happen.

  1. Do one thing at a time. Break down your journey or goal into small, manageable parts.

  2. Keep Moving!! No matter how slow a process is continue to make progress. Small progress is better than no progress.

  3. Have a plan to maintain. Momentum doesn’t happen automatically and it will take resistance to distracting people, places or things to get the job done. Avoid the urge to procrastinate and waste time.

  4. Dedicate yourself to yourself. This is your journey, your goal and your life. The strides you are making are contributing to the beautiful results that you want to see. Do it for you and place yourself at the top of your priority list.

  5. Fix your eyes on the goal. Commit yourself to accomplishing your goal this will require your time and effort. Identify your finish line and decide that nothing can stop you from getting there.

You can do this. You are designed to win. Reach Higher, Go Further and Remember your fellow BOSS sisters are cheering you all the way to the finish line.

Until Next Time Live New, Live Free,

Alexis LioR

Your Success & Excellence Coach

Meet Your New Success & Excellence Coach, Alexis Lior,

bio picAlexis Lior is Certified Success and Excellence Life Coach. The call to excellence started when Alexis taught her first training class where she coined the phrase “Excelling in Excellence”. Since this time Alexis has blazed a trail for successful and excellent living. From transitioning into a new career or mastering the techniques of efficiency and time management; Alexis empowers clients to successfully accomplish their goals.

With ten years of experience as a developmental trainer and career advisor in the public and private sector she has developed workshops, created resourceful tools and written a book for the advancement of trainees and clients. Her approach is practical, realistic, and results-driven leading to the ultimate goal of living a passionate, purpose-driven and empowered life.

Alexis believes in the power of purpose and balance. These beliefs led her to write F.R.E.E: Finally

Released to Experience Expansion. F.R.E.E is a practical tool of perception that causes one to take an in-
depth look at their life experiences in order to discover purpose in all of them. The book is practical, realistic and the methods are designed to lead to identifying purpose and fulfilling destiny.

As a Certified Master Communicator and advocate of personal growth and development: Alexis adapted F.R.E.E’s content into powerful workshops. The “Purpose-Driven Living” and “Living the F.R.E.E Life” workshops have been used by organizations throughout the Southeast. She has spoken and worked with many organizations including Mary Hall Freedom House, The Still Standing Foundation, The Lotus House of Miami, ACTODAY Foundation Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and Dress for Success and the Atlanta Writer’s Meetup group.

The creative side of Alexis’ personality is expressed in her life work. Her latest endeavor has taken her work to the airwaves. After appearing on radio shows as a guest, she launched The FREE Life broadcast and now serves as a host & live remote correspondent for the Survival Radio Network.

During interviews Alexis & her featured guests educate and empower listeners to leverage their talents, skills and abilities in order to accomplish professional and personal freedom. Previous guests include Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC’s Dr. James Peterson, Author & Speaker Edward Garnes and Film Producer Jay Ali.

Innovative, Strategic, Passionate and Results-Oriented are just a few words to describe Alexis’ personality and her life work reflects these aspects as well. Alexis is the founder and owner of FLOW Ink, LLC which is a writing boutique designed to effectively articulate messages to the masses. She works with business owners to create & clarify their messages through content development, stage 1 branding, tag line creation and much more.

Her work has been featured on countless websites, blogs and social media pages. As a life coach and business owner, she values speaking with, engaging and inspiring her clients to be their very best. Alexis is also member of the Elizabeth Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA) and serves as a Decision Counselor and Small Group Facilitator.

Want to contact Alexis? Please complete the form below. Or visit her website at

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