Network Smarter Using Your Smart Phone

phoneSo… You just found out someone’s available to meet you for a networking meeting and you need some quick information. Here are some tips for using your smart phone to get prepared, FAST: Read More

5 Tactics To Winning The Mental Motivation Battle


Last time we talked about how staying motivated really starts in the mind. And I told you I would give you a few logical ways to help win this battle. Well here you go…

We can drag ourselves up the same way we can drag ourselves down. It is a choice we have to make every, single day. Whenever we are faced with this conflict of choices, we should apply these tiny nuggets of wisdom on motivation. Read More 

Getting OFFLINE to Gain ONLINE Traffic and Exposure

Good-NewsBusiness Owners tend to ignore the traditional press as a source for traffic and brand recognition. They’ll get exposure on social networking and social bookmarking sites, and they’ll try to get their content written up on other people’s blogs. But by and large, they don’t contact the offline public relations world.

Yet getting exposure in the offline world isn’t any more difficult than the online world. The difference is when you get exposure offline; the traffic is often both higher in volume and higher in quality than the traffic you get from online sources.

How do you get attention from the traditional offline PR world? Here are some tips that successful business owners use … Read More

Publication For The Female Over-Achiever